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Here you will find a DRAFT version of curriculum documents for Grades 9-12. Please give your feedback on all material shared.

After feedback is incorporated, the provincial/area Implementation Leads will review the updated draft for consensus and finalization.

Feedback for Grades 9-12 is due on March 30, 2023

The revised Standards for Grades 9-12 will be notified by April 2023. The various education departments may then get the NCP 2023 notified through respective cabinets.

Computer Science (CS) 9 - 12

Policy Considerations


Computer Science curriculum must provide enough opportunities for problem-solving and developing digitally competent individuals for economic growth. For this strong coordinated efforts are required both on provincial/areas and national levels.


A vision-based national digital policy is required for K-12 in the following areas/verticals:

  1. Standards

            Development of Standards for 9- 12:

       must be at par with international standards and best practices focused on the development of higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills of students.

       must provide enough opportunities for hands-on and activity-based learning.

       Well-aligned with the learning level of students at 9- 12.


  1. Textbooks/Learning resources

       Availability of outcome-based multiple textbooks will enhance learning opportunities for the students which can be achieved by establishing digital libraries in schools.

       Provision of extended learning opportunities for students in collaboration with digital learning platforms like Coursera, etc


  1. Teacher Training

       Induction of Computer Science teachers for 9 - 12 grades level.

       Development of a comprehensive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) framework to train teachers for effective implementation of CS curriculum in schools.

       Building strong partnerships with national and international organizations will help to upscale and digitize CPD activities.

       Timely provision of required resources and building robust infrastructure to support learning in the classroom like the establishment of functional and internet-enabled computer labs in schools, especially in rural areas will ensure its effective implementation.


  1. Assessments

       A shift towards Conceptual learning at this level will require Assessment reforms at both the provincial and national level.

       Learning outcomes of NCP CS are focused on building strong digital and coding skills of the students which demands the same shift in assessment to create opportunities for the demonstration of these skills in board exams.



  1. Scheme of Studies

       The integration of Entrepreneurship, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing may open a new door of opportunities for employability for youth especially post-covid.

       Computer Science as a compulsory subject at 9-12 level will open the choice of diverse career pathways for students like biotechnology, space technology, data sciences, etc.

       The integration of technology in other disciplines will provide opportunities for the implementation STEM and STEAM .