Welcome to the National Curriculum of Pakistan (NCP) 2023 Feedback Portal.

Here you will find a DRAFT version of curriculum documents for Grades 9-12. Please give your feedback on all material shared.

After feedback is incorporated, the provincial/area Implementation Leads will review the updated draft for consensus and finalization.

Feedback for Grades 9-12 is due on March 30, 2023

The revised Standards for Grades 9-12 will be notified by April 2023. The various education departments may then get the NCP 2023 notified through respective cabinets.


Grades 9-12

Policy Directions-Considerations

       Selection of subject experts at Grade 9-10 with degree or experience in teaching language

       Training of Urdu teachers as per current best practices in pedagogy (use of multimedia, innovative teaching methodologies, etc)

       Revamping assessment methodology to promote higher order thinking skills

       Arrangement of classrooms for teaching of listening and speaking skills (possibly use of audio-visual aids and additional learning materials, etc.)

       Training of authors is crucial to design concept-based textbooks.